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The unconditional joy of true service

The unconditional joy of true service

Lady Master Nada, April 19, 2009

TOPIC: All of your problems begin with suppressing your light. You cannot overcome them by suppressing even more, such as suppressing negative emotions. You must heal your emotional body by realizing you are more than your emotions.

Nada is the name I have given. It is a name that has been associated with the sixth ray of service and ministration. But, of course, as you might have noticed with all of those who have spoken before me, I AM MORE. Why do we say this? Because you will see that we have given you our past lives to signify to you that because we have been embodied and have ascended, you too can ascend.

Yet we also know that the human mind, the dualistic mind, will take anything and turn it into a graven image, and therefore say, “Ah, yes, Nada. I have a little box in my database where I can put her.” And of course, if you put me in a box in the database, you will not tune in to the fullness of who I AM. For I will not fit in any database on Earth. I AM beyond conditions. And service, true service, is beyond conditions. Why, my beloved, is this so?

You volunteered to descend into the denser realms of this material universe. Perhaps you were previously in a higher sphere. But at some point you volunteered to serve in raising all life. How do you raise all life, my beloved? Why do you need to raise all life? Because, as Maitreya explains in his book, God creates a sphere that has a basic structure but is not yet completely filled with light. And then God sends extensions of itself into the sphere to be the open doors for bringing more light. And in serving in that process, they grow in self-awareness.

You came here to bring light

And so, you came into form in order to serve by bringing the light out of which you came into this world, raising it up, spreading the light, filling the world with light, so to speak. What is the light of which I speak? It is spiritual light.
If you want a visual illustration, consider the planetary model of the atom with a nucleus and electrons orbiting around it. And consider how much empty space there is. If you look at the proportions of the atom, compared to the proportions of your solar system, there is actually more space between the electrons and the nucleus than there is between the Sun and even the furthest planet.

Thus, you see that in the structure of matter, at the current level of this material universe, there is much empty space. And so there is much room to be filled with light.

So, you came here to share your light. But for many of you, when you came here there were already beings who had descended into the duality consciousness. And thus, when you came, you experienced that your light was not received. Not only was it not received, it was rejected, or you received the message that only if your light lived up to certain conditions would people receive it.

And so, gradually, you came to accept the idea that you should either color your light or suppress the flow of light through you. And so, my beloved, the reality of disease of any kind in the physical body is that it began in the higher bodies as a suppression of the light that you are. And when you suppress the light, then, of course, you are not in the River of Life. You do not feel fulfilled, happy, at peace, joyous. You do not feel alive.

And so, what you see now, my beloved, is that suddenly you have people who come to the realization that they have a disease in the physical body that might actually kill the body. And what do they try to do? They try to suppress even more. But it was suppression that started the chain reaction that led to the physical disease. So how can more suppression help you overcome the physical condition? And so, indeed, you see, as was explained, that when people come into a spiritual movement, their ego morphs into a so-called spiritual ego or spiritual persona that takes on the characteristics that it thinks it needs to take on.

And in many cases that means that people accept that you should behave a certain way. There are certain things you should not say, certain things you should not express. As this messenger himself realized during the conversation at lunch time, that he grew up in an environment where everyone suppressed their emotions, and he had overcome to the point of feeling comfortable expressing positive emotions, but not feeling equally comfortable expressing so-called negative emotions.

And many of you will recognize the same pattern. You realize that in a spiritual movement, certain things are appropriate and certain things are not. But you see, my beloved, why do you have four lower bodies? Because, the material universe is at such a low vibration that you cannot express light here from the etheric level directly. You then needed lower bodies corresponding, gradually stepping down the light, eventually reaching that level of the material universe with its density.
And so, you have four lower bodies that are designed to be vessels for transferring the light. Which means that if you are to express your light in the material universe, you must express it by letting it flow from your Higher Being into your identity body, into your mental body, into your emotional body, and then into the physical where you express it in different ways, but one example is certainly through speaking the word—but also by a smile, by a look, by expressing that emotion that is genuine and sincere, thus uplifting another person.

Suppressed emotions block the flow of light

But what I want to bring to your attention here, my beloved, is that what stops the light is the decision to suppress something. And so, when things are suppressed, they cannot flow. And when they cannot flow, well they must accumulate. And so, now you have so many people who accept a certain sense of identity that sets limitations, and so they accept mental limitations of what is proper to think or believe. And then they accept other limitations for what emotions are proper. And so, you see the suppression in the emotional body. And thus, the suppressed emotions will naturally begin to accumulate. And as the emotional body fills up, there is no longer the flow of light that can penetrate through the suppressed emotions.

And thus, the light cannot reach your physical body and renew the cells. And so the cells begin to out-picture that they cannot flow, that they cannot bring forth new life and so they bring forth lower manifestations. And so, as a spiritual person, can you see that when you realize you need some kind of healing in the physical body, your spiritual imagery, your spiritual persona, your spiritual culture can be a direct block to that healing? Because you are not willing to acknowledge that in order for you to be healed, you have to re-establish the flow of light through the emotional body. And the only way to do this, my beloved, is to go into the emotions that have accumulated and get them flowing again.

And in many cases this means that you must stop suppressing the negative emotions and give expression to them for a time, my beloved—no matter how wrong or shallow they might seem. As you just heard [one person] explain to you that she went through several years of journaling, expressing whatever came to her. And had she not expressed it, she would not have re-established that flow and thus could have continued for the rest of her life, being stuck at a certain level of consciousness. Do you see, my beloved, how you think with the outer ego that has taken on this aura of spirituality, you think that in order to reinforce the image that you are a spiritual person, you cannot express any negative emotions? For you may indeed get a negative reaction and have others think negatively of you, as [one person] experienced at the New Year’s conference.

And so, you want to continue to suppress these emotions. But in suppressing them, what are you doing? You are continuing to block the flow. And so, you cannot break through – in your conscious awareness – to your conscious acceptance of who you really are. And therefore, you remain trapped in a lower sense of identity. Do you see, my beloved, certainly the negative emotions are not pleasant. And certainly they should not necessarily be expressed in a group setting. But you, individually, need to express the emotions so that you can work through them and not only theoretically understand, but directly experience that you are more than the emotions.

For what will happen is that as you give expression to them, and as you look at them, you will see—at some point, you will have that Aha-experience of realizing, “But this is not who I am. I am more than this. This is just energy that has taken on a certain vibration, a certain condition. But this is not the fullness of who I am. I am feeling this way, but that does not mean that I am this way.” And so, you see that unless you look at the emotions, you cannot come to see that you are MORE. And thus, when you run away – do not want to acknowledge that you even have negative emotions, and do not want to give them expression – well then, you are continuing to reinforce the gap, as Mother Mary spoke about, between where you are and where you want to be.

And you cannot cross that gap, as we have given the illustration earlier, that you cannot move from point A to point B by first moving to the halfway point, and then to the halfway point of the remaining distance, and continuing to break the distance into smaller and smaller segments. But you can continue this indefinitely because there will always be a gap.
The flow must be re-established, my beloved. And when a river has frozen over in winter, the flow can be re-established only by the ice becoming liquid again. But before it can become liquid, heat must be applied to it. And the heat is applied to your pent-up emotions by your conscious awareness, by your willingness to look at them. And also, my beloved, to acknowledge that you had those negative emotions at some point.

I am not thereby saying that you need to acknowledge or accept the emotions as real or permanent. But what you need to come to is the point where you can accept yourself for having those emotions, or for having had them in the past. And [then] you can look at yourself and realize that you had or have certain emotions because you are in a certain state of consciousness. And then [you] come to realize – as has been said previously, most clearly by Mother Mary – that God loves you unconditionally regardless of the state of consciousness you are in. And if God loves you unconditionally, then can you not then accept yourself unconditionally? Well, you can, if you are willing to simply shift your awareness, my beloved.

You can instantly change your self-image

For this is what I desire you to see—that you can instantly make a choice, away from non-acceptance and into acceptance. You see, why did you begin to suppress your light? Because you did not feel that your light was acceptable to others. And thus, you began to think that the light was not acceptable in a general sense. And how can you re-establish the flow? By coming to the point where you recognize and truly decide that your light is acceptable because it is acceptable to God, it is an expression of God. And therefore, it is acceptable that you express that light in this world, regardless of how it is received or rejected by those who are in a state of consciousness where they too feel unworthy to receive that light—and therefore want not to be disturbed by the light.

But yet the Law of Free Will gives you the perfect right to shine your light, even if others have used their free will to reject it. For they have a free will about what they do inside the sphere of their individual consciousness. But they do not have a right to impose their will on anyone outside their own sphere of consciousness. And therefore, they do not have a right to tell you to shut off your light. You have a right to shine it regardless of how it affects others. For that is their choice—how they will let it affect them.

So, there are some among you who have such a momentum of suppressing your emotions that you cannot fully accept your worthiness to come up higher, to be the open door for the light and the wisdom and the love and other qualities of God to stream through you. And so, I must tell you that there are some among you who simply cannot make progress from your current level, until you start being willing to express whatever emotions you have. I am not thereby giving you cart-blanche, my beloved, to express your emotions to other people and thereby perhaps abuse them.

But I am saying that it is possible to find certain environments with a therapist or a therapy group, where in that environment the people there know that expression of emotions is a healing process, and therefore they will not take your expression of emotions personally—as it might be the case with your spouse or children or other people who are closely affiliated with you. In other words, don’t go home and yell at your wife—yell at your therapist, for he is paid to listen.
So, do you see, my beloved, that the problem is that the light, the flow of light has been suppressed. And you cannot solve the problem by continuing to suppress, or by suppressing even more and saying, “Now I am a spiritual person; I should not be feeling this way.” If you are feeling this way, you are feeling this way. And so, look at the emotions, allow it to flow. And then, as you feel that release of having re-established a flow in the emotional body, follow the flow into the mental realm and see what is the belief that makes you think that in a particular situation, you have to respond with a negative emotion.

For only when you bring that belief into your conscious awareness, can you come to the realization that there is no natural law that says that in a particular situation you have to respond with a negative emotion. It is a choice you have made to accept the belief that if people reject you, you can only respond by feeling hurt. If they direct anger at you, you can only respond with anger. This is a choice you made to accept this belief, and the belief is created out of the entire illusion of separation and duality.

And so, you can then realize that you are more than this belief. And thus, you can separate yourself from it and look at it and say, “Do I really want to continue to respond in this way, going into negative emotions?” And then, you can realize that you are more than the belief. And then you can go on to the identity body and say, “But what is the identity that caused me to accept this limiting belief about myself—that I was a powerless being who was forced to respond a certain way to certain outer stimuli?”

And when you go to that level of the identity body and begin to tune in to the reality that you are a spiritual being, then you see that you are real and everything created out of the duality consciousness is unreal. And therefore, you have no obligation to let unreality affect the real you. Nor is there a natural law that says that the real you has to respond a certain way to that which is unreal. And so you can begin to choose – making enlightened choices – because now you see who you are, why you are here. You see what the problem is on Earth and how to overcome it—by [ceasing to set] up conditions for the flow of the light through you.

TOPIC: Giving higher service to life: When you are in the flow of Being, you will BE, to every person you meet, exactly what that person needs.

Understanding the concept of being
As you have discussed, one cannot be the open door, one cannot be a messenger, if one sets up conditions for how the Word, or the light, the flow of life should be expressed through one’s self. My beloved, what is the essence of the concept of Being, that many of you have not truly understood?

Well, it goes back to Moses being on the mount and asking the God that spoke to him about his name. And you know the traditional translation, I AM THAT I AM. And you know the real translation, I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE. At any moment in time, I will be who I will be—regardless of who I was one moment ago. Right now, I will be who I will be. Regardless of what anyone thinks I should be in the future. When the future comes as the now, I will be who I will be.

Look at your previous discussion on Being. When you are Being, you are expressing whatever came to you at the moment. But whatever you expressed in that moment, you do not create a mental image that says, “Because I did this in the past, I have to be bound by that in the future. And so, because of what was expressed a moment ago, I now have to limit my expression in the future.” You see, when you are in Being, you are in the flow of the River of Life. You are expressing, at the moment, whatever life wants to express through you. And you do not need to judge, evaluate, analyze this with your outer mind. You are just letting it flow.

Do you see that this is Being in the NOW, whereas many people are either in the future or the past? For they think back at the past and the mistakes they have made and they believe – when the devil whispers in their ear – that the mistakes they have made in the past have set a pattern for how they should be in the now and the future. Or they have come to a spiritual awareness, where they realize that they need to be more than they are right now, and so they create the image of what they want to be, always seeking to force themselves to fit that mode, thereby creating the spiritual persona of the false self. And also condemning themselves to forever remaining one step away – some distance away – from being the Christ in action.

You see, my beloved, Being and Christhood are very synonymous terms. What is the Christ? He is one that flows with the River of Life, she is one that flows with the River of Life. There are no rules in Christhood. There are no rules for what you should Be, how you should express your Being. You are flowing with the River of Life. What does the River of Life want, my beloved, what is its purpose for flowing? It is to raise all life. When you are Being, you are not putting up any conditions for how you should behave in a given situation. You are not saying, “Because I have received certain insights about how to behave from my spiritual teachers, this is, then, how I have to respond to any and all similar situations.” You are flowing with it.

Transcending the “mistake consciousness”

Even if you do something that other people might consider a mistake, you do not go into that state of consciousness of letting it be a mistake. Why not, my beloved? Because you know that whatever you were a moment ago, in this present moment, you have the perfect freedom and right to Be who you will Be. So, even if you were less a moment ago, you can now choose to BE MORE.

And so, why analyze and grumble about the past? Why reinforce the image of separation that you are not where you should be? Do you see, you do one thing that was an expression [of being]. Perhaps you come to the experience that this was not all that you wanted to be—but then you just BE MORE. You flow, you shift.

You do not stand still and analyze and say, “Why did I make that mistake? How can I avoid making that mistake in the future?” And in going into this analysis, you have separated yourself from the flow instead of just being MORE. You see, when you are in the flow, my beloved, there are no mistakes. Why is this so? Because you are in the flow of service to life. And what does the River of Life seek? It seeks to raise up all life. And so, imagine yourself going out in the streets and you meet a particular person, [and] that person is in a particular state of consciousness. And therefore, that person may not be ready to receive the fullness of the spiritual understanding that you have acquired. The person may need a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, some kind of expression, some kind of word, whatever it may be. The person needs a particular key in order to take the next step on that person’s path.

You are not seeking to save the person in one step. You are seeking to raise that person higher, as can be done given the person’s state of consciousness. And yet, when the analytical mind comes into play, you want to create the database that says, “This person, this type of person, should be helped this way.” And so, now you have the analytical mind, the ego, evaluating every person you meet and saying, “Which file folder does that person belong to? Which label can I put on that person? For now I know how to always behave towards that kind of person.”

Each person is a unique individual
But you see, my beloved, it is not possible to create types of persons, kinds of persons—for everyone is a unique individual, which you know very well in yourself, my beloved. Because you look at yourself and realize that if there is something you haven’t yet gotten – in order to break through to being who you are – well, it must be because you cannot make that breakthrough the same way others have done so. You need a particular individual key and insight to unlock your being. And though you might receive help and inspiration from others, there comes that point, as was expressed in your discussion, where you need to see the beam in your eye. The particular individual block that you have that stands in the way of you fully accepting yourself.

And so it is with every other person on Earth, my beloved. That is why you cannot give full service to life as long as you are trapped in the analytical mind. You can only give full service by Being in the River of Life, by flowing with it. So that when you meet a person, you spontaneously express exactly what that person needed to take the next step. And then, you don’t build a habit of saying, “Oh this is how I should be always, for that really helped that person. And so I must be able to help all other people the same way.” And thus, you fall into the trap expressed in the popular saying that, “If the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, you think every problem is a nail. And you have to hammer at it like you always have been doing.” And so, life is not something that can be categorized, my beloved.

TOPIC: The missing link in current science is the realization that everything is an expression of consciousness.

Life is not a mechanical device

Take a look at your scientists, the materialistic scientists who have been studying and studying and studying—trying to penetrate into deeper levels. First there was the organs inside the body, when they started preforming autopsies and cutting into the body to see what was inside. But at the level of the visible organs and bones and structures, you cannot fully explain disease. And so, with the advancement of science – or so-called advancement of science – they realized that there were smaller units inside the organs, namely the cells.

And for a time they thought, “Now we have discovered the ultimate unit, where we can discover all of the problems that will lead us to solve the riddle of health and life.” And yet, then they realized there are smaller structures inside the cells, be it DNA or something else. But the cells are made from molecules. The molecules are made from atoms. The atoms are made from subatomic particles. And this is where they have stopped. They actually believe, my beloved, that when they understand the building blocks that build your physical body, they can do what Dr. Frankenstein attempted to do—put together a mechanical replica of the body and then it will magically come to life.

This is what they believe – some of them – that life is a mechanical thing, a machine. And if only you can create the right gears and levers and pulleys, then the machine will start turning, and you will have created a living form. But it is not so. For you know that quantum physics has gone beyond the level of subatomic particles and recognized that subatomic particles are somehow connected with consciousness. And this is the missing link in current science, where they come to the realization that everything is an expression of consciousness.

And therefore, life is an expression of consciousness. And life is alive because it is not predictable, it is not mechanical, it cannot be categorized. It cannot be reduced to pulleys and levers and this and that aspect of a machine, my beloved.
Life is spontaneous. Life is creative. And thus, when you are in the flow of Being, you will BE, to every person you meet, exactly what that person needs. One person might need the gentle encouragement and nourishment of the mother. Another person might need to be shocked out of their state of perfectionism, of superiority. Another person might be so trapped in a particular mental image that you need to do something that seems like a mistake—from the viewpoint of that mental image, and then demonstrate that you can move on, that you are not bound by that mistake.

This is Being, my beloved. How does this relate to healing? Well, true healing is when you go into that flow of Being, the flow of the River of Life, so that the light can now flow. And in most cases, of course, you have blocks in all the four lower bodies, but it is especially the emotional body that prevents the light from your Higher Being from breaking through to the physical. The emotional body vibrating just above the physical body and thus, when the light cannot penetrate the emotional body, you can sit and understand something intellectually, you can even affirm over and over again that “I am a spiritual being.” But if the light cannot go through the emotional body, it cannot heal the physical. It cannot provide that acceleration that allows the cells to start vibrating faster, literally throwing off the impurities.

Your emotions are not your enemies

And so, you need to dare to come to the point where you are not suppressing your emotions, my beloved, where you recognize that your emotions are not your enemies. Your emotions are one expression that is needed to bring the fullness of life, to bring the higher vision you have into physical manifestation. For you may have, my beloved, a good mental vision of what perfect health should be like. You may focus on that vision, you may even give outer affirmations of the vision. But if you cannot truly feel the vision, feel perfect health, feel wholeness, then the wholeness cannot break through to your physical body and nourish it.

What gives nourishment to the physical body? There is an Alpha and an Omega. There is the Omega aspect of what you take in through food, heat, sunlight, and so on, which gives physical nourishment. But as I have just explained, your body is more than a machine. It can only function by also receiving spiritual nourishment. And as the food that you eat is just a vehicle for getting the nourishment, the vitamins and minerals, into your body – where the physical body can absorb it – well so, your emotions are also a vehicle to bring the spiritual light into the physical realm, where your cells can absorb that spiritual light and therefore be accelerated and nourished by it.

So if your emotions are blocked, then how can the light descend? And so, the body is left, so to speak, to its own devices, to the material world alone, and this cannot bring the fullness of healing. So be willing to make the shift, where you do not seek to squash, deny or run away from what you actually feel. Listen to your feelings. Acknowledge them. Give them expression if you feel you need to, my beloved. And get the flow to go through the emotional body.

Now, Mother Mary talked about the need to surrender, my beloved. And you need to surrender the need to suppress the emotions, to surrender the entire idea that you need to analyze and categorize your emotions. Emotion means energy in motion. When you try to put it in a category and put a label on it, you stop the flow. You cannot overcome negative emotions by categorizing them as negative and seeking to hold them back. You can overcome them by overcoming the belief that created them, by accelerating the belief, and thereby accelerating the emotional energy that has been misqualified by a lower vibration.

But you do this by re-establishing the flow, not by thinking that when you destroy the negative emotions or deny them, then the flow will somehow happen. It is, again, so common that the duality consciousness, the ego, puts the cart before the horse, thinking that if only I get rid of all the negative emotions, then the flow will come through my emotional body. The reality is that the only way to get rid of the negative emotions is to re-establish the flow. For it is only by re-establishing the flow of higher frequency energy that you can transmute or accelerate the lower frequency energy accumulated in the emotional body.

TOPIC: A technique for healing your emotional body by re-eastablishing the flow of spiritual light

And so, if you have blocked your emotions and built a habit of not acknowledging them, you are in a catch-22. And you must, then, do something to change the equation. It can be therapy, it can be spiritual exercises. For I can assure you that Mother Mary’s rosaries are designed specifically to get the flow re-established through your four lower bodies by challenging your illusions. But I must tell you also that it is necessary to engage in activities that raise your focus to something positive, so that you feel a positive feeling flowing through you.

This can be a spiritual activity, or it can be music, as talked about earlier. But may I make a suggestion that I know will seem radical to many people. For while listening to music can indeed attune you to a higher vibration, it is, as Mother Mary attempted to explain, not enough to attune to the spiritual realm. You must – in order to take the next step – bring it down and start bringing it into the material realm and anchoring it there.

This can be done in many different ways, my beloved. And you have all experienced that when you have conversations with others that are positive conversations where you inspire each other—well then you have that flow. And many of you already have re-established a great degree of the flow. But there are many other people in the world who have not started that process and who are so blocked that they need something else. And, of course, therapy is a valid option. It is also valid to express those emotions, my beloved.

And so I suggest that you might find a place where you can be alone and not be worried about disturbing other people, and then you go out – be it in nature or in a somewhat insulated room, or perhaps driving in your car – and you just verbalize whatever emotions are there. You tune in to your emotions and you start verbalizing it, speaking it out. “This is what I feel.” And then giving expression to the feeling itself, whether it be anger, hatred or whatever. Give expression to it, so that you can look at it. You can, of course, always go back later and invoke the light through a rosary or decrees to transform and transmute the energy.

Expressing emotions and misqualifying energy

But realize one thing, my beloved. Many of you think that if you give expression to negative emotions, you are misqualifying energy by giving it expression. But what are you doing? You are expressing something that is already there in your emotional body, so the energy is already misqualified—only it cannot move.

And so, by giving expression to it, you break the stalemate, so that the energy starts moving. And now when there is movement, the light from Above can begin to flow. For there is now room in the emotional body for it to flow in. And so, you break the catch-22 and give expression to it.

And even by doing this, you will feel a release. If you cannot yet speak it, then write it. Write a journal, as has been explained, and as many people have done throughout the ages—writing down their thoughts and feelings. And in writing them down, my beloved, being able to look at them from the outside instead of looking at them from the inside, thereby beginning to separate themselves from them.

Finally, I suggest [that] you, again, find a place where you can be undisturbed by the feeling of disturbing others, and then you begin singing the song that raises your awareness to the spiritual realm. This messenger has described as he was driving in the moving truck, moving from New York to Virginia, and he felt moved to start singing a particular song that had always raised his awareness. And as he started singing, he felt the flow accelerate and accelerate, and he realized that there was great value in flowing with this and allowing this flow to come through the song.

And all of you can do this, for instead of listening to music, you now become a performer of music. And I know very well that many of you do not have it in your Divine Plan to become public performers who are good enough to stand in front of an audience and sing or play. But those of you who do sing or play will know that there is great release in it, there is flow.
So I am telling all of you to re-establish the flow, for you will notice, my beloved, how there is a certain part of your being that says “Oh no, I am not going to do that. I am not going to sing at the top of my voice. That is a silly suggestion. How can an Ascended Master even suggest such a thing.” But my beloved, that particular experience is an example of how you have suppressed the flow of light—by imposing conditions upon it.

“Oh the light could not possibly express this through me,” do you see? This is just one example among many of how these subtle beliefs – these subtle feelings of being shy or feeling inferior or what is appropriate and not appropriate – how these are the conditions that block the flow of life through your being. And so, why is it, as Mother Mary said, that so many people have studied spiritual teachings for many years but they do not walk their talk, they cannot bring it into practice, they cannot truly change? Well, it is because they are holding on to certain conditions that block the flow.

TOPIC: It is only in giving selfless service to life that you will escape the more subtle aspects of your own ego

The initiations of the sixth ray

And this, my beloved, is why – after you have passed the initiations of the five first rays – you come to the sixth ray of Service. For as Mother Mary explained, you are not beginning to bring spirituality into the material realm until you go full circle, back to the point where you started—and now have integrated spirituality instead of having it as a theoretical concept. Instead of having it as a goal “out there,” you have come full circle to where you can accept who you are—accept yourself as the spiritual being who is expressing its being in the material realm. But in order to get to that full acceptance, you must practice. And how do you practice? You practice by serving other forms of life, my beloved.

And what is true service? Well, it is that you come to the realization that service is not something you do out of your own needs, out of your ego’s need to feel validated, to feel useful, to feel secure, to feel superior, to feel good. Your ego can create this spiritual persona that attempts to get you to serve in order to reinforce the ego’s needs.

But true service is when you say, “This person has a particular need, and I can not let my own idiosyncrasies stand in the way of my being the open door for that need to be fulfilled.” Or you can reach the other way and say, “The Ascended Masters have a need for something to be expressed, and I cannot let my outer personality stand in the way of this happening.” As this messenger said to himself when he realized that Jesus wanted to use him as an open door for bringing forth a new awareness of his true teachings. And he had to say to his own sense of insecurity, “I cannot let that stand in Jesus’ way—I need to step outside of it.”

My beloved, it is when you begin to serve a higher cause or serve other people that you truly begin the process of separating yourself from the needs of the separate self. For you may think that you have given service to life, and many of you truly have given service to life. But I want to bring to your attention that some of you – and many people in the world – have done outer acts of service that many will deem as being service, but they have done it in order to fulfill a need of the separate self. And therefore, in giving that service, my beloved, they reinforced the reality of the separate self.

Take an honest look at many people in religious movements who have dedicated their lives to serving God in a particular church, perhaps by doing a humanitarian mission. But they have done it with a subtle overlay of wanting to demonstrate the superiority of their Christian faith or their particular church—as even Mother Theresa was tainted by her uncritical acceptance of the Catholic Church. And so, you see that even though these people perform outer acts that are good, the more good acts they perform, the more they reinforce the illusion of the ego—that it is good. And that by continuing to perform good acts, it will eventually reach a state of ultimate goodness, where it will be acceptable in the eyes of God.
This will never happen, as Mother Mary explained with the parable of the wedding feast. You can fool the entire world, but you cannot fool God. God knows the difference between true service and self-centered so-called service. God knows your heart, the heart of all people.

You have free will. You can continue for as long as you want to have the experience of pursuing the quest for perfecting the separate self. This is your right, my beloved. I am not here to tell you what to choose. I am simply here to explain to you the reality of the choices you have. For so many people have come to think that they have no alternative, that the only way to enter Heaven is to perfect the separate self. For they do not see that there is more to their identity than the separate self. And thus, how can they make a free choice when they do not know their options, my beloved.

If you are standing in front of two doors, and you know what is behind the one door, and it feels safe, but you do not know what is behind the other, how can you make a free choice as to which door to enter? And so, we, of the Ascended Host, have a right – and it is our joy – to illumine people to the fact that they have other choices. They have an alternative to remaining stuck in the false sense of service, created by the separate self in order to validate itself.

The illusion that you are not free

And so, if you look at your life honestly, you might come to the realization that you have had certain relationships with other people, where you think you have to serve them or take care of them. But it is because you have created a certain image, a certain illusion, and as this messenger was inspired to say to one person, when you think you have to take care of someone else you are subconsciously saying, “I am not free to choose who and what I want to be. For I have to perform this outer service. And therefore I have to squash the free expression of my being.”

Do you see, my beloved, that so many people in the world are performing acts of service but they are not doing it from the state of consciousness of true service? For they think that in order to serve others, you have to fulfill their needs or act a certain way.

Think back to what I said just a little while ago. You are walking in the streets and you meet a person. That person has a particular need, and in order to serve that person fully, you must give that person exactly what they need in order to come up higher.

The outer analytical mind will tell you that you need to establish some kind of image of how you are supposed to serve, what you are supposed to give to other people. But if you will re-read, or listen to again, my entire discourse, you will see [that] what I said about Being is the key to unlocking your understanding.

You see, when you meet a particular person, it is not just a matter of what that person needs. For there is an Alpha and Omega aspect. The person’s needs is the Omega. The Alpha is who you are, and therefore what can be expressed through you. And I am not asking you to decide with the outer mind what kind of service to give and how to give it. I am asking you to re-establish the flow through your being, so that your own being spontaneously expresses what the other person needs. For what does the other person need, other than an example and a demonstration that there is a higher state of consciousness than the state in which the person is trapped?

And you cannot demonstrate this with the outer mind, with the separate self. You can demonstrate it only by being in the flow of life. And you will see, my beloved, that when you are in that flow, – and when you see how spontaneously your Higher Being gives another person exactly what that person need – then you will not feel that this will restrict you and your expression. You will feel it as the most natural and joyful expression of your true Being.

Do you see the difference between trying to force yourself to give service and just walking into the flow, thereby allowing your true Being to shine through and spontaneously and creatively bring forth exactly what can help another person? This is the true joy of service. You have heard the expression by Master MORE, “The reward for service is more service.” But it is because when you give true service, you feel such joy that you want to experience more of that joy. And so, you immerse yourself fully in that flow of service, where everything becomes a joy.

Your entire life becomes a joy. You are always serving in one capacity or another. Even if you are sitting alone in quiet unity and oneness with your Higher Being – simply feeling the light of your Higher Being flowing through your four-lower bodies, being radiated out into the world of form – this is also service. There are no set rules or restrictions or conditions for how to truly serve in Being. It is multi-faceted, my beloved, each one of you having a unique crystalline structure in your I AM Presence. And when the light streams through it, you bring forth a unique expression of God’s being that no other being can bring forth.

And when you allow that expression to come through you, that is when God is experiencing its fullness through you. And you experience that joy that is the Creator’s own joy of being expressed. You can follow that joy, merge with it, until you see that everything is joy. The underlying reality behind all form is unconditional, never-ending, ever-flowing, ever-creative, ever-self-transcending joy.

Joy is the motor of life. Life is bliss. Meaningless statements to the separate self. But once you experience being in the flow of joy, they take on ultimate meaning.

Thus, I extend my gratitude for your patience. And I hope you have chosen to gain some measure of joy from my sharing and your receiving. Have you chosen to have a different experience, I love and accept you unconditionally. Thus, you can, at any moment in the future, choose to tune in to the joy that I AM. For as Jesus came on the sixth ray of service to bring joy to the world, so I AM one with the flow of joy.

Be in that flow. And Be the joy to the world.